As care delivery becomes more distributed, patients have more options to seek care outside of traditional health systems. However, this access to multiple care channels has created a new problem: the virtual fragmentation of healthcare. Without communication and information-sharing across care channels, inconsistent or contradictory care can lead to redundancies or risks to patient safety. While telehealth is meeting the need for distributed care, its clinical information and communication components need to be integrated with hospital systems to maintain a high level of care, security, patient experience and clinician satisfaction. Teladoc Health is helping to enable connected care at scale by providing deeper integration into health system workflows and record systems.

Explore how Teladoc Health helps healthcare organizations:

  • Improve the functionality and user experience of their telehealth programs
  • Enable near real-time collaboration between patients and clinicians, with access to relevant records
  • Reduce clinicians’ administrative burden to help relieve burnout and fatigue

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