A typical hospital’s radiology services produce 40% to 60% of medical images, but many other specialties also depend heavily on images, such as cardiology, orthopedics, dermatology, and others. Although medical images are a key clinical tool for multiple disciplines, they are still largely unintegrated into hospital EMR systems – making it difficult for physicians outside that hospital to access those images. Moving medical images and related informatics to cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help create more complete pictures of patient health and yield valuable insights, but healthcare organizations should ensure that they have a strategy in place before adopting the cloud.

Explore the benefits of cloud migration for medical imaging, including:

  • Strengthening precision medicine by allowing a team of physicians to contribute all relevant patient images and data to better understand that patient’s condition
  • Streamlining clinical workflows by reducing manual work for clinicians, saving them time and enhancing quality of care
  • Improving staff experiences and attracting new physicians with the digital tools they need to work more efficiently

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