Healthcare organizations (HCOs) often hold multiple leases such as those for real estate, equipment, land and fleet – as well as less common leases such as embedded leases (often found in contracts) and subleases. As companies scale up or down, take on new spaces or renegotiate, the leases they are involved in change as well, which make accurate calculations and reporting challenging.

HCOs need to be prepared to transition to new lease accounting standards (ASC 842, IFRS 16 or GASB 87), and to have a plan to remain compliant and prepared for audits as leases change throughout the year. Learn from two healthcare organizations how they use Visual Lease solutions to sustainably achieve lease accounting compliance.

Explore how Visual Lease software help HCOs:

  • Establish a central repository for all lease data, including information on day-to-day administration
  • Reduce human error in calculations and data migration
  • Improve the financial, legal and operational performance of their leases

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