The third volume of the Digital Excellence in Healthcare: APAC Case Studies series features efforts by Asia-Pacific healthcare organisations in harnessing the power of information to improve outcomes. Read about:

  • Apollo Hospitals in India proving its IT prowess by receiving not one but three Stage 6 validations for the HIMSS Outpatient Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (O-EMRAM), Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM), and Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM).
  • Efforts by the South Western Sydney Primary Health Network toward connecting uncoordinated healthcare sites and aggregating scattered health information via cloud.
  • Samsung Medical Center in South Korea's patient engagement initiatives and its health information exchange capabilities, being able to exchange data across multiple external and national databases in near real-time. Resulting in the world's first Stage 7 INFRAM validation and Stage 6 accreditation for the EMRAM.

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