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Better care starts with better technology

Transforming health systems isn't easy, but patients notice every little improvement. That's the guiding ethos behind every HIMSS analytics model and framework. Team up with us and we'll help you improve your patient outcomes, build smooth operations and keep more money in the bank.


Digital Health Indicator

Before you start moving, track where you're at with the HIMSS Digital Health Indicator. The Digital Health Indicator measures your system's vital signs across each of the four dimensions of digital health: Governance and Workforce, Interoperability, Person-Enabled Health, and Predictive Analytics. You'll learn whether you're bogged down in paper record purgatory... or moving fast towards digital health. Once you're done, you'll get a report showing what's working, what's not and what moves to make next.

Maturity Models

Maturity models

There's a HIMSS maturity model for everyone. AMAM covers your analytics, C-COMM informs your community care, EMRAM accesses the adoption of electronic records-and that's not even half the menu. Each model classes your digital maturity from stages 0 to 7, and stage 7 is a lovely thing. That means you're as digitally transformed as it gets, and ready to deliver personalized care at scale.


Get that sweet, sweet validation

Once you reach stages 6 and 7 of each maturity model, a team of HIMSS experts will run you through an in-depth assessment and issue an official validation to recognize your growth. You'll be in rare company with high-performing health systems from around the globe. Looking for some digital health inspiration? Our validated Stage 6 and 7 systems are the perfect jump-off point.

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