Maturity Models

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Optimize your healthcare organization with the HIMSS Maturity Models

The HIMSS Healthcare Maturity Models provide clear adoption and implementation pathways for the technologies and capabilities health systems need to strengthen critical parts of their organization. Nearly 70,000 health systems, hospitals and outpatient facilities have engaged in HIMSS Maturity Model assessments and advisory services across 50 countries globally.

With models built to accelerate development and proficiency in analytics, continuity of care, clinically integrated supply chain, digital imaging, healthcare infrastructure, and EMR implementation, you can assess and build upon your organization’s capabilities while driving improved financial, operational and clinical outcomes.

The pathway for Maturity Model Advancement:

Maturity Model Score
Each Maturity Model offers an assessment that is used to measure the adoption and implementation of a critical component of a digitally advanced health system. Request one or more assessments based on your current needs and goals, fill them out, and we will send you a score that you can use to build against.

Gap Assessment Report
With your score in hand, get a full Gap Assessment Report that will detail your current measurement against the model broken out by focus area and highlighting the next steps you should take in improvement.

Strategy/Education Session
Need a broader strategy for adoption of technology? Looking to introduce new services to your health system? Finding it hard to get alignment among your stakeholders on the right path forward to improvement? Leverage HIMSS Maturity Model experts to work with you and your team on education and strategy for adoption and implementation of the Maturity Models.

Healthcare providers who reach Stage 6 and Stage 7 join an elite group of the highest performing organizations worldwide. On site or virtual validation with our Maturity Model experts are required at both of these stages, giving your organization the opportunity to showcase the progress you have made.

Each healthcare provider’s pathway may be different depending on their goals, and offerings may be bundled together.

Fill out the form with your information along with the models and offerings you are interested in and we will get in touch to talk with you about your best path forward.