Machine learning and artificial intelligence will massively influence the way healthcare is executed in the years to come. This is true for diagnostics, for medical therapy, and for population health management. This issue of Insights will address numerous tough and exciting questions around regulation, the algorithm black box, and what does it all mean for care delivery?

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  • AI goes clinic: Are we ready yet?
    Everybody is talking about AI in healthcare, and there is a growing body of research around it, both from informatics professionals and from clinicians. But what about adoption in clinical routine? Are doctors ready? Is the regulation in place?
  • Illuminating the black box
    Acceptance of AI is hampered by the fact that these tools do not readily provide reasons for the recommendations they give or the interpretation of data they deliver. But there is hope: Explainable AI tries to open the black box, and its healthcare where results are most promising.

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