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Providing more channels for patient care and communication such as patient portals and telehealth services has made it more complicated for health systems to effectively manage those channels. This can lead to gaps that can negatively affect care quality and costs. And communications stress, including the need to work with multiple tools, is a contributor to clinician burnout. An integrated hybrid platform can allow patients, care teams and family members to communicate regardless of physical location and connect them all securely to the patient portal and EHR system. Teladoc Health helps health systems strategize and deliver virtual care via platforms that integrate with existing communications and EHR systems.

Learn how Teladoc Health helps healthcare organizations:

  • Use SSO to simplify communications and promote good user experience
  • Integrate with EHR and telehealth systems to encourage timely and complete record-keeping
  • Enable care teams, patients and families to connect and coordinate care in near real time

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